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los angeles police arrested one of the men wanted for attacking giants' fan bryan stow. now stow's family is talking about that arrest for the first time. we'll have their reaction -- straight ahead. >> reporter: a 4-month-old infant vanishes in the middle of the night, only to turn up hundreds of miles away. why investigators are interviewing several people in this case. ahead, why these people were dangling from a bay area bridge. those stories and more -- next
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on the ktvu channel 2 news at noon. good afternoon. topping our news, the family of bryan stow is speaking out publicby for the first time -- publicly for first time since l.a. police announced they have arrested a suspect. new at noon, we're hearing their reaction now that the man accused of beating bryan stow is in custody. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: well, tori, bryan stow's family held a press conference outside of san francisco general hospital which is where stow has been for the past week. they wrapped that up about 40 minutes ago. we watched stow's mother and sisters walk up to the podium. they were wearing los angeles police departments shirts and hats. that's because the family said they are grateful for the work that the los angeles police did
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to arrest one of the men accused of beating bryan stow. los angeles police came to this east hollywood apartment building where they brought 31- year-old, vas geovany ramirez into custody. los angeles police were not releasing his booking photo. so we don't know how closely this step resembles him. but ann talked about the conversation that she had with a member of the police department who told her about this arrest. >> he told her ann, i wanted to give you some information before you hear it on the news. they've taken into custody one of the suspects. so it was a very emotional day yesterday. we were very excited that that piece of the puzzle -- one of the pieces has been put in place. >> reporter: los angeles police are still looking for a second man directly involved in the beating of bryan stow that happened outside of dodger
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stadium. they are also looking for a woman suspected of driving the getaway car. now, they are very optimistic those suspects will be found. the family says there's been no change in bryan's condition. he's still in critical condition here at san francisco general hospital. rehe maynes unconscious. but brew -- he re-- he remains unconscious. she says no change is good news. they just don't want his condition to get worse. back to you. >> all right. thank you. and we have 24 story at contra costa county sheriff deputies are trying to figure out who took a 4-month-old to southern california. the little girl has now been found. the girl's mother says the baby was taken from their home in the delta town of nitzen in eastern d.c. d.c. county.
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as -- in eastern contra costa county. >> i'm reading from facebook. it's christen gallego who says, thank you for all of your plays. dare dash all of your prayers -- all of your prayers. >> you just can't imagine. you look and -- and your baby is gone. it's horrible. >> reporter: christen placed ramy in her basso net -- bassennette and then she was gone. late last night a break in the case. >> the baby is safe. we're trying to reunite the baby with the parents and our detectives are still in southern california. they are following up on some
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-- on some leads and still talking to people right now. >> we're thrilled. it's just amazing how the community has come together and we put up fliers last night, just everybody was pulling together. >> reporter: the contra costa county sheriff's office plans to hold a press conference sometime this afternoon to update the investigation. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are also reporting the rescue a toddler caught in the middle of a 5:00 dispute. they launched a search for the child this morning in the potrero hill neighborhood. officers say the parents are boyfriend and boyfriend who would argue and the father reportedly tried to choke the child and the child was taken out of the home. the father is in custody. no word on their identities. closing arguments wrapped up this morning in the murder trial of the men man accused of masterminding the assassination of bay area journalist chauncey bailey.
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the case will likely go to the jury this afternoon. former your black muslim bakley leader lead -- leader, yusef bey iv is accused of masterminding the crime. police say he wanted to stop chauncey bailey from writing a controversial article about the bakery. in a 5-4 vote, the justices ruled that california prison overcrowding is unconstitutional and upheld a lower court ruling to reduce the prison population. since the original court order, the state has reduced the population by about 9,000 inmates. that leads about 30,000 more to be freed or transferred. at least four minutes -- inmates went to the hospital at san yen tin prison. it started at 7:00 last night in the dining hall.
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guards say 200 prisoners were involved. officials say at least ten weapon bees made by inmates were found after the incident. no guards were hurt. the cause of the riot is under investigation. environmentalists this morning scaled the richmond/san rafael bridge and unfurled -- unfurled a banner. this was staged two days before chevron's annual shareholder meeting in san ramon. they say they want to remind shareholders that a court in ecuador found chevron guilty of polluting the amazon and fined it $18 billion. chevron says those francs were fraudulent. gas winds have settled -- gusty winds have settled down a little bit. the chp issued wind advisory force the san mateo/hayward bridge and it looks like a live picture of the hayward bridge
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there, as well as the bay bridge. winds were blowing at 40 to -- 40 to 50 miles an hour. but the advisories were cancelled this morning. our meteorologist says we should look for 25-mile-per- hour gusts throughout the afternoon and will have more on that and the rest of the bay area forecast in about ten minutes. high winds mays are be -- may also be responsibility for damage to the alameda ferry boarding pier and gangway an harer bay isle. one -- har harbor bay isle -- the harbor bay isle. service for the ferry could be out for a while now. the trees on colton boulevard in the oakland hills
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were knocked down. the crews removed the lines but they are still working on restoring power and we just got an update from pg&e and they expect to finish the job sometime in the next couple hours. search and rescue crews are going through tornado debris in joplin, missouri. but it's slow going because new thunderstorms today. the massives tornado destroyed much of the city and left at least 89 people dead. our reporter has the report on the tornado and the devon stakes. >> there it is. there it is. oh, gosh! that is a monsester tornado. >> reporter: video from the ground shows the massive size of the twister as it carves a deadly path through top lin. the -- joplin. the -- the missouri town of nearly 50,000 left in shambles as a tornado six miles long and half a mile wide cut through the town. >> i actually was planning to help where it early broke out
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but there's nothing to help with. it's flattened. >> reporter: home after home destroy. all that's left, piles of splintered wood. >> this tornado went through a residential part of our city and damaged a small part of the commercial district before it moved out of joplin. >> reporter: authorities warned the death toll could rise as the search and rescue cones. it's a race against time for those who may be trapped beneath degree. >> it's very important that we get them out of their entrapments as quick as we can. we have to worry about getting them the basics, the food and the water. >> reporter: officials are looking for survivors and are coordinating the cleanup efforts. missouri go has already declared a state of emergency. president obama says fema and
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other federal anticipations are working with local emergency management. back to you. ahead -- we now know the apparent reason for a large explosion at a bay area apartment complex. we're live at a protest right now at san francisco city hall. a major phone company wants to improve service. you will hear why the plan is -- plan is making these date demonstrators unhappy. >> and there's -- making these demonstrators unhappy. than and there's rain 34 the forecast. also -- >> my name is barack obama. >>
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the highway patrol is searching for the car and driver who hit a 72-year-old man. it happened on southbound interstate 880 near the fruitvale exit in oakland. the highway patrol said an unknown car hit 72-year-old and left the scene. it's not known why the victim was on the side of the road in the first place. when officers arrived at the scene, victim was dead. his identity has not been released. police in antioch are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting. it happened shortly before 8:00
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last night on d street. investigators say they found 19- year-old bridan herald of antioch lying object sidewalk. he was rushed to a local hospital where he died a short time lighter. it's still not clear what led up to the shooting. but antioch police are following several strong leads. a protest is underway right now in san francisco over at&t's proposed installation of new treat boxes to expand the service. you are looking live at the tess of city hall. the board of supervisors is scheduled to vote tomorrow on whether to require anvillal impact report. the planning department is given an exemption. protesters want the supervisors to override that. >> we're saying enough is enough. don't proceed until you are given all of the facts. >> at&t plans to install more than 700 of the boxes on the
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streets in san francisco to distribute its service. president obama went back to his roots this morning in ireland. the president visited the small village where his great- greathef great-grandfather where he worked as a shoemaker. >> my name is. [ barack obama! [ cheers ] >> i come home to find the as to trophy we lost somewhere -- aposs trophy that we lost somewhere along the way. >> word came in late this
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morning from the white house that the eruption of this volcano in iceland will force the president to cut short his visit to ireland. officials are worried about travel safety because of a cloud of ash headed toward europe. mr. obama has been expected to stay in ireland tonight and head to london tomorrow. instead, he will go to london where he's expected to stay two days. this has led to a 120-mile no fly zone, the eruption of another volcano a year ago disrupted a return -- disrupted european air travel for a few days. one more is in, another one is out. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty is officially in. he announced his run in an internet video taking several digs at president obama. >> he has to do more than give fancy speechesp we've had three years of that.
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it's not working. >> pawlenty officially announced his candidacy in a town hall meeting a few hours ago. in meantime, mitch daniels sent an e-mail to his supporters telling him after lock consideration he would not run for the 2012 nomination. it's believed he decided not to run due to opposition to his wife and four grown daughters who department want to face the public scrutiny. an illegal drug operation is likely responsible for a weekend explosion in livermore that seriously injured three team. -- three people. it happened saturday afternoon in -- afternoon inside an apartment. it blew out the porch. all three victims are still at the hospital suffering from severe burns and other injuries.
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>> good afternoon to you. we're dealing with sunny and mostly sunny skies giving you a live look at san francisco sitting in the 60s at this hour. very similar to how we were just yesterday. the winds have lightened up quite a bit. they will be back, though. sfo reporting 13 miles an hour. around santa rosa, oakland, livermore anywhere from 5 to 10 miles an hour and just a little breezier reported in areas around livermore and concord. 63 san jose. as well as palo ail toll 57 redwood city. san francisco, oakland, not too bad checking in at 60 degrees. 65 santa rosa. nice and mild. 68 degrees outside the door and our temperatures will continue to warm for today. the trough is still in place. gusty winds back and our temperatures 4 to 10 degrees below the seasonal average. while we're mild we're running coo. the gusting why winds expected to pick up to 30 miles an hour along the immediate coast. the rest of us will see winds
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at about 20, 25. about 3:00, 4:00, the winds will really start to pick you. even 1 mile an hour in -- 18 miles an hour. we'll continue to die down during the evening hours. but expect those gusty winds at times. if you can deal with the wind, it's not too bad. we wake up tomorrow morning, the fog is back along the coastline. it's wednesday morning when the big changes come. are you seeing this? some light rain over the north bay, come 9:00, 10:00 and it's into san jose and the south bay through the afternoon. finally pulling on out by wednesday night and we're try thursday, friday. for today, 73 expected santa rosa. 68 mountain view, upper 50s along the immediate coast. 59 degrees expected in half moon bay. there's your extended forecast. similar pattern today. slightly warmer for tomorrow. come weapons, showers in the forecast, perhaps a lingering
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shower on thursday. and it will be breezy and we're still running cool for this time year. >> we sure are. thank you. >> you are welcome. kale's annual crackdown on people who don't bear -- came's annual crackdown on people who don't wear seat belts start today. the fine for not wearing a seat belt is $142 for a first-time adult offender. it's $445 for a child that's not buckled you. the click it or ticket campaign ends june 5th. an estimated 1 million californians don't wear seat belts. san jose has launched a new mediation program to help reosh solve disputes. the mercury news reports that police officers will get a chance to respond. in the past, they've been
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accused of being overly aggressive. the independent auditor says she hopes this will improve the department's image. the fight against moth in the wine country appear tos would be -- appears to be working. they've trapped just 57 moths in napa county. a.g. officials credit insecticide for reducing the moth population. they are considered to be a nuisance to farmers because they feed on their crops. ahead -- a check on the gasoline prices. we'll tell you if the news is good. also, beer prices may be getting higher. the reason ahead.
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stocks are down today after warnings about the finances of several european countries, increasing fears the nation's debt crisis is worsening. the dow is down 11. nasdaq down 37. oil is down 2 1/2% mainly due to news about the stronger dollar, trading at $96.56 a barrel. meanwhile, the prices at the pump are starting to gun -- are starting to go down. according to the lund burg cervix the national average dropped 9 cent danned danned la guardia burg survey, the
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national average dropped 9 pence -- 9 -- 9 cents. the price of beer is growing up. the average price for a case of beer is now $20-point 30. that's between 2% and 3% a year ago. part of the increase is because beermakers are playing more for barley. flooding in canada and australia lowered the quality of the crop causing a storage. the biggest star in cycling is facing accusations of illegal drug use. a former teammate said lance armstrong promoted and took part in a doping program to win the tour de france in 199. tyler hamilton said he also witnessed armstrong taking these drugs. other stars have made similar crimes. armstrong calms him a confessed liar searching for a book deal. coming up at 5:00, take a
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look at this, this is one of the pictures released by the supreme court and the -- on the conditions in the prison. you will see more than these and why one justice said the move could lead to a grim roster of victims. that's all on the next newscast, the channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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